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Winter prevails

Jämtland in my heart forever

Story by Open Landscape by Cecilia Utas May 1st, 2017

I continue to dodge the cold and bad weather - reports on snow and heavy wind from south of Sweden - as I am slowly making my way inland from the coast to Jämtland. I am passing through the countryside and home of my grandparents and arriving at the shore of Storsjön.

Rödö bridge, Frösön, Jämtland

Storsjön has always had a special place in my heart, I belong where the mountains meet the lake and where the colors are dramatic and still at the same time. One of these days, I will be relocating here - I have already designated the spot.

Storsjön at Arvesund, Jämtland
View from Arvesund, Jämtland
Morning in Arvesund, Storsjön, Jämtland

The spring is on its way, however, winter still has it grips and Storsjön is partially covered by ice. My kayak will remain on the roof rack, sparing me the challenge to take it down from the 3-meter high roof.

My camping site is though allowing me the best view of the sunset.

Sun setting in Arvesund, Storsjön, Jämtland
20170423 Storsjön-2.jpg
20170423 Storsjön-4.jpg

Kayaking might not be the best mode of transport yet, instead I bring out my skis to make my way up my childhood's valley of Årsberget in Nordhallen, where I have taken refuge for few days with my parents. Beautiful days!

At Årsberget, a pair of rough-legged buzzards (Buteo lagopus) - or fjällvråk in Swedish - are nesting and are out hunting. I observe their playful sailing and their ease of taking the up-winds. Up and up they go - to suddenly dive. A pair of ravens challenge them, but have to give in.

Buzzard over Årsberget, Nordhallen, Jämtland
Rough-legged buzzard (Buteo lagopus) or fjällvråk playing in the sky over Årsberget
20170427 Nordhallen-5.jpg
20170427 Nordhallen-6.jpg

Now I am cuddled up in the campervan in Vålådalen on yet higher altitudes and where the sunny weather just shifted to hail. I obviously can't avoid the snow and cold, so I better give in and plan for a longer ski-trip up the mountain tomorrow.

Despite the snow, signs of spring are all around and a Tussilago is piercing through the icy snow to attract the sun and eventually summer.

Tussilago farfara fighting winter
Jämtland, Sverige