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Returning Home

Closing the loop

Story by Open Landscape by Cecilia Utas August 13th, 2017

Back in Finland, the Northern Lapland is offering a calm and beautiful landscape - less mountainous but plenty of water bodies making up for it. I have the chance to kayak in Lake Inari, the largest lake in Sápmi, truly enjoying it while accompanied by reindeer on the shore.

Lake Inari, Northern Lapland, Finland

I am also visiting Lemmenjoki national park where a beautiful sunset greets me. It is Finland's largest national park with its river valley surrounded by low fells and deep forests.

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Lemmenjoen, Northern Lapland, Finland

Next morning, I am setting out on a kayak trip up Lemmenjoki enjoying its meandering through the forest. Again, the reindeers are running along the river and make for close encounters.

Kayaking on Lemmenjoki, Northern Lapland, Finland

Following day I am trekking up Joenkielinen, where I manage to dodge the thunderstorm as I reach summit in time to descend on the other side.

Joenkielinen, Northern Lapland, Finland

Once again, I am heading north. This time I am driving along Tana River, which means 'Great River' and goes through the heart of Sápmi. It is known for its richness of wild salmon. It is also the border river between Finland and Norway. This far south, it is surrounded by rolling hills giving the impression of a soft landscape.

Tana River, border between Finland and Norway

Reaching Varangerhalvöya in the northeasternmost part of Norway, I am entering the land of Tengil. The dark weather further the feeling that I am in the story of the Brorthers Lionheart. The landscape is barren and rather inhospitable but fascinating. Unfortunately, it is raining heavily and I am lacking the patience to outwait the weather.

Varanger Halvöya, Finnmark, Norway
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Next, I am hitting the most northern mainland of the European continent - Kinnarodden on Nordkinnhalvöya. Nordkapp, being an island, obviously doesn't count.

This peninsula has an amazing shifting landscape where I am driving through bare fells, tundra and green lush hills.

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Nordkinnhalvøya, Finnmark, Norway
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Now I am done with Norway and ready to head back home to Sweden. I am going to Nikkaluokta where I am kayaking up Vistasdalen and horseback riding towards Kebnekaise, the highest Swedish mountain. I truly enjoy different modes of transport, however, neither riding nor kayaking allows time for photos.

Alttajärvi, Norrbotten, Lapland, Sweden
Nikkaluokta, Norrbotten, Lapland, Sweden
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Now I am back in Stora Sjöfallet - just feeling at home.

Stora Sjöfallet, Norrbotten, Lapland, Sweden