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Practice round

First days on the road

Story by Open Landscape by Cecilia Utas April 22nd, 2017

Finally, I have started my journey going up North - but with additional challenges with an abnormal and surprisingly cold April.

Diamonds, Kossön, Järvsö, Hälsingland
Birds in flight, Kossön, Järvsö, Hälsingland
Sea gull taking off, Hornslandet, Hälsingland

The weather hampers my travel plans and I am forced to go East to seek refuge from the unwelcome snow and minus degrees that challenges my summer attired camper.

But who said that this was a bad choice. ending up in a secluded beuatiful area of Hornslandet at the Baltic Sea/Gulf of Bothnia.

Sunset, Hornslandet, Hälsingland
At sunset, Hornslandet, Hälsingland
Morning view, Hornslandet, Hälsingland
20170418 Hornslandet-4.jpg

I continue up the coast an reaches the gate to Höga kusten, the Swedish' Golden gate bridge. It is very photogenic and most probably well depicted by thousands of people.

20170420 Höga kusten.jpg

Likewise with the impressive view from Skuleberget. Magnificent but doesn't reflect the hard work climbing up there neither the hard wind facing me at the top.

This make me reflect upon my pictures so far, realising that I am merely, at this stage, documenting my trip. This is of course fine, but I need to take a step back to figure out what I do want to express with my pictures.

View from Skuleberget, Höga kusten

Camping at Skeppsmalen, another pictoresque setting, I decide that this is ok for now.

Skeppsmalen, Höga kusten
Skeppsmalen, Höga kusten

Maybe, just as waiting for spring, if I continue to seek and remaining hopeful, it will come.

Stay tuned!

Spring in the making, Kossön, Järvsö, Hälsingland