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Open Landscape

A photo tour in Sápmi (April-September 2017)

Story by Open Landscape by Cecilia Utas April 20th, 2017

Open Landscape is a roadtrip taking us through the country of Sápmi, the traditional land of the Samis, in north of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula (Russia).

Sapmi, the land of the sames (Map by Anders Suneson/

I am a communicator by profession and will through the project Open Landscape venture into a more artistic and creative form for communication with photography as main medium. This blog will reflect the development and, hopefully, growth of me both as a person and as a photographer.

The intention is to experience and share both an inward and outer journey, where I will guide you through the changing and remarkable landscape.

Camping at a lovely spot on the seaside, Hornslandet, Hälsingland

Tentative schedule for the roadtrip:

You can follow my trip on the map at:

I hope you will join and follow me on my journey!


Hornsladet, Hudiksvall Ö, Sverige