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Northern limits

Arctic summer

Story by Open Landscape by Cecilia Utas July 2nd, 2017

Me and my camper are still going strong as we continue our journey towards the most Northern point of continental Europe. Every day offer new sights, experience and splendour.

I have been on the road for more than two months and still appreciate it every minute. I am surprised that I feel such a peace of mind. I did expect to sometimes feel lonely and that I would push my limits to some extent. Instead I feel gratitude and bliss in solitude and obtain many a moments of absolute awareness.

I have been cheating, of course, having guests travelling with me the last couple of weeks ;-)

Storvatnet, Nusfjord, Lofoten

Still on Lofoten, the weather was grey and gloomy at Eggum, however, I am starting to appreciate the beauty and shades of grey, both in my photos and for my mind.

Eggum, Lofoten
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But at Skagensand Beach, the beauty of the midnight sun seduced me and kept me up at night.

Skagansand strand, Lofoten
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Similar, the midnight at Ånnfjorden in Vesterålen amazed me with this splendid view, so well depicting the blue sky at night.

Midnight sun at Ånnfjorden Vesterålen
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After a short tour into Sweden to pick up my parents in Kiruna, the trip continued up along the coast of Norway towards Nordkapp. It feels more like we are tourists now - we have a goal and a timeframe - with longer travels, but still incredible views though the weather at Senja disappoints. We cannot stay and wait for the sun.

Sunset at Stö, Vesterålem
Crossing the mountain plains, Sennalandet
Fosselv, Straumfjorden

At Nordkapp, we are met by all of the campers of Europe. We likened it with a religious rite - everyone staring at the sun at midnight.

After midnight my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary - it is pure gold.

*Note that it is not the sun in the water - it is merely its reflection. The sun never touches the horizon.

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Despite the very touristic attraction of Nordkapp and its globe, the landscape is solemnly vast and beautiful. Well worth to be experienced on its own merit. It is also spiced up with the white reindeer at every bend.

20170630_story6_screen (9a.jpg
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At Lyngen, we walked up the valley towards Mittbreen along the icy glacier river. I renamed it the Sun Valley - a place where the sun will always shine on you.

We entered Sweden over the Three-country Cairn and the lake of Galgojaure, where legend has it that I as a kid missed out of midnight sun when falling asleep.

After a very cold night in the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi my parents departed for home and I travelled down to Jokkmokk to meet up with a friend and her two dogs. Busy times.

We took the road to Kvikkjokk to at least get a glimpse of Sarek. I will get back for more.

Road to Kvikkjokk, Sweden
Tjaktjajaure and Sitoälven
View towards Sarek

In Stora Sjöfallet National Park I had the pleasure of a three day workshop with nature photographer Serkan Günes. We travelled around to the best sights and I had to scrutinize my craft of photography, becoming ever so slow and meticulous. Hopefully, I will improve my technical quality and skills - I guess you will be the judge of that ;-)

Stora Sjöfallet National Park
20170630_story6_screen (12b).jpg
Akka, the queen of Lappland
Kallaktjåkka at Teusa valley

On Stora Sjöfallet - or what is left of it - I practice the idea that the foreground should be its own micro-landscape which can hold as a photography on its own.

Stora Sjöfallet
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After the workshop, I took holiday from my camera and took the kayak up towards Teusadalen - an amazing experience. Yet again - pure bliss.

I have found my kin - the sheep roaming the mountain and hill sides in Norway - they have the best of the best and for sure the right attitude towards life.

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