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Catching up with spring

Letting go

Story by Open Landscape by Cecilia Utas May 11th, 2017

It has been a time of challenges while I have struggled to depict the majestic mountain views - it feels like I can never represent the immensity of the feelings they inspire as I am driving, walking and skiing through those vivid and great landscapes.

The weather also keep challenging me while shifting between hail, storm and sun - unpredictable and impossible to plan.

Also, a breakdown of machinery - a minor problem with the camper - force me to retreat to Östersund to fix it.

However, I feel blessed.

Stendalsfjällen, Vålådalen, Jämtland

I go to sleep and wake up stunned at the view outside my window - always a "room with a view".

Evening view at Ottfjället, Vålådalen, Jämtland

In Vålådalen, I took my skis up to Kyrkstensfjället though winter is slowly losing the battle and I ended up walking half the way. Ski boots are not made for walking. But yet - it was stunning - one of these days with fleeting moments where time stand stills and universe is holding its breath.

Stendalsfjällen from Kyrkstensfjällen, Vålådalen Jämtland
Sunset over Ottsjön, Vålådalen, Jämtland
Ottfjället, Ottsjön, Jämtland

As I am still in Jämtland, few places are new to me, but allow me to experience them in another way, in a slower pace and with a stronger mindful presence. I revisit the waterfalls...

Ristafallet, Jämtland
Tännforsen, Jämtland
20170510  Story3_ny2-1.jpg
Tännforsen, Jämtland

... and I tour Kallsjön and Anjan where the winter landscape strengthen the perception of driving straight through the mountains. I will have to return when the ice has retracted and the lakes are open to enjoy kayaking. After all, the shores of Anjan is my inspiration for this tour.

View from Anjan, Jämtland
20170510  Story3-22.jpg
Åreskutan from Kallsjön, Jämtland
20170510  Story3-18.jpg
20170510  Story3-26.jpg

Finally, after my unforeseen pit stop in Östersund, I follow Inndalsälven over the highest point to the Norwegian side where the rolling mountains in Sweden are exchanged for more dramatic shores of the Inna.

It is also a trip down memory lane. I made an amazing pilgrimage to the Nidaros cathedral (Nidarosdomen) in Trondheim few years back.

Inndalsälven, Jämtland
Inna, Nord-Trøndelag, Norge

And I caught up with spring.

20170510  Story3-28.jpg
20170510  Story3-29.jpg
Jämtland, Sverige