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Arctic spring

Heading towards the Arctic

Story by Open Landscape by Cecilia Utas May 23rd, 2017

Hitting the fjords are spectacular - the landscape dramatically changed from inland. I am going west, heading straight towards the sea - and end up at Aglen on Otteröya.

To follow my track, visit the Open Landscape Route.

The first barbeque is lit and the sunset over the Norwegian Sea is accompanying me at bedtime.

Namsenfjorden, Namsos, Norway
Kalvöya, Namsos , Norway
Sunset at Aglen, Otteröya. Norway
20170523 Norway-3.jpg
20170523 Norway-4.jpg

In all its grandeur, I am looking inside to find what I want and struggle to express. A moment of meditation on the hills helps me to express the beauty of the common in the grand nature - often overlooked. Meditation helps open the senses and mind to see without judgment or categorize the experiences.

Triptych celebrating spring
20170512 Spring-2_CU.jpg
20170512 Spring-3_cu.jpg

The splendid view of Heilhornet on mainland from Leka keeps amazing me and I sought it up close, but still too much snow - so I decided to come back to climb it in summer time.

The island of Leka is a paradise if you enjoy nature, outdoor recreation and adventures. It is Norway’s geological national monument and it has a particular flora and has been inhabited for at least 10,000 years.

I met some of the inhabitants, the sheep looking - yes - sheepish, and the sea-eagle showing off in the sky.

Heilhornet from Leka Island, Norway
20170523 Norway-16.jpg
20170523 Norway-20.jpg

He was circling me again and again, and I started feeling like prey. The story has it that three-year-old Svanhild was taken by an eagle and flown up in the nearby mountains. She was found almost 2 km from where she disappeared. This was in 1932 and she died recently, 81 years old.

Sea eagle at Leka Island, Norway
20170523 Norway-18.jpg
20170523 Norway-19.jpg

I left one paradise to arrive at another, maybe more inhabited but with a splendind view from Torghatten. I walked, climbed and sometimes what felt more like crawling to get to the top one evening - but the 360 degree view was worth it.

Torghatten, Brönnöysund, Norway
20170523 Norway-23.jpg
20170523 Norway-29.jpg
20170523 Norway-27.jpg

Many miles and boats later along Helgelandskysten, I arrived at Hellåga and settle for the night after a trek up the mountain, suddenly midst a storm. Mountains are never as attractive as when storm is coming in.

Hellåga, Helgelandskysten, Norway
20170523 Norway-36.jpg
20170523 Norway-31.jpg
Storm approaching, Helgelandskysten, Norway
20170523 Norway-35.jpg

The storm blows over and I continue to yet another amazing site with night camp at the sea side. I take the kayak and paddle over the Arctic Circle.

I feel at home.

Staulvika, Tonnes, Helgelandskysten, Norway
Midnight, Staulvika, Tonnes, Helgelandskysten, Norway
Kayak finally off the roof